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Vacation Home Rentals - North Shore, Oahu

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Sabrina Folgosi, RA
Sunset Homes LLC
Vacation Rental Manager
or 808-637-2400
Fax: 808-637-4200

Shark's Cove
Sunset - Shark's Cove
Sunset - Sunset Point
  Royal Lokoea in Haleiwa
Sharks Cove Hale at Sharks Cove Ke Iki Hanohale near Sunset Beach and Shark's Cove
Sunset Point Villa
  Royal LokoeaView - Inquire Shark's Cove Hale
View - Inquire
Ke Iki HanohaleView - Inquire Sunset Point VillaView - Inquire
  Rocky Point Pipeline - Sunset Beach Velzyland Mokuleia
Rocky Point Cottage North Shore Oahu Vacation Rental - Pipeline Honu Hale Colony Cabana North Shore vacation Rental
North Shore Oahu Vacation Rental - Mokuleia Beach Colony
Rocky Point Cottage
View - Inquire
Pipeline Honu Hale
View - Inquire
Colony Cabana
View - Inquire
Mokuleia Beach Colony
View - Inquire
All Vacation Rentals are Beachfront, Oceanfront or near the beach on the North Shore of Oahu, see details of each rental for location. Depending on the season you can swim, snorkel, dive, surf, windsurf, attend world famous surf contests, whale watch and frolic with dolphins. Spend your evenings mesmerized by the spectacular year round sunsets. The North Shore, just an hour away from Honolulu, a world away in spirit.

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